Chris Powell's Bio

 Chris PowellM.A., Ph.D

Dipl. Ac., NCCAOM- Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Lic., Ac. 

Chris Powell is a graduate of the doctoral program in Chinese medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This institution provides an intensive program of learning in both Western and Chinese medicine. Many of the professors are Chinese medical doctors as well as Western medical doctors and provide their own unique form of integration of both form of medicine.

While there, Chris worked closely with several of the doctors in their own research of chronic and debilitating diseases. For four years he was under the instruction of Dr. Kezhuang Zhao, a noted Chinese herbalist and cancer specialist. Chris often employs much of that research and his own in the treatment of cancer and the side effects from medical intervention.

Masters and Ph.D.
Before becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Chris attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. There he worked on his undergraduate degree in biology and medical anthropology. He also worked on his Masters and Ph.D. in epidemiology and medical anthropology. His research took him to the Caribbean islands for two years where he studied the geographic distribution and spread of infectious disease. He published several articles on his research during his time at the university. He was also invited as part of a Fulbright scholarship research team to catalogue medicinal plants from the Caribbean islands for the World Health Organization.

Treating Cancer Patients
After coming to Kansas City to begin his Chinese medicine practice, he began to work closely with oncologists to come up with treatment protocols using acupuncture to ameliorate the negative side effects often observed in chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Chris also worked at establishing a network of complementary medical systems with several of the cancer centers in Kansas City for supplying patients with needed information as to how to find resources in their treatment. He was often a lecturer at the Bloch Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society in the use of Chinese medicine and how it helped those patients receiving treatment in the hospitals. Chris is still a guest lecturer for Turning Point, a foundation that helps those diagnosed with severe illness to find support and information about their disease and how to cope with that disease.

Pulse Diagnosis
Chris Powell studied a very particular form pulse diagnosis with Dr. Joseph Thomas, Dr. Leon Hammer, and Dr. John Shen. This particular pulse diagnosis comes from the Classical Chinese texts, but is also combined with Western pathophysiology. Often called the Shen/Hammer system of pulse diagnosis, it is a powerful tool in understanding the disease process in the human body.

World Renowned Studies
Currently, Chris is studying in a two year program with Dr. Arnaud Versluys, a world renowned practitioner of Chinese medicine based on a Classical approach from two famous medical texts in China. Dr. Versluys work has gained him international recognition both in Western modalities as well as Chinese medicine. Chris will be finishing this program later this year (2012) and hopes to do further research with Dr. Versluys using these classical texts in the treatment of chronic disease


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