Travis Spire-Sweet's Bio

Travis Spire-SweetB.S.

M.S. Traditonal Chinese Medicine 

Dipl. O.M., NCCAOM 
Lic.Ac., NCCAOM and State of Missouri

Began as a Patient
Travis Spire-Sweet has been practicing in Kansas City since 2009. He began as a patient while he was only 13 years old. His experience with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture was so powerful that he decided early on that his calling was to become a practitioner. Before graduating with a B.S. in biology at University of Missouri Kansas City, he wanted to make sure he was making the right decision to go to grad school to become an acupuncturist so he did his thesis paper on Chinese herbal medicine and xerostomia (dry mouth) caused by radiation.  

Three years later he graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado with a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine.  Graduating in the top of his class. While there he also became a licensed personal trainer, trained in cosmetic acupuncture, and specialized in nephrology (the study of kidney diseases).

Kidney Disease Specialty
Once returning to Kansas City he has lectured for surrounding public libraries, UMKC nursing program, American Nephrology Nursing Association, KU Cancer Clinic, Midwest Transplant Network, National Kidney Foundation, and Children Mercy Nephology Unit. For his contribution to kidney disease in Kansas City he was highlighted in the KC Star (Kansas City’s newspaper) for his effort in integrating eastern and western medicine in the treatment of kidney disease.

He is currently continuing his lecturing and helping design a research study to increase specificity of targeted chemotherapy using acupuncture.

Publications and Lecture Notes

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