#28 Parasites 101

Parasites and humans have developed a unique cat and mouse relationship. One of our human immune systems detecting the parasite and the parasite evading our immune system. Lee Likins, PhD, a professor of parasitology at University of Missouri Kansas City, joins the show today to gleam some insight on these zombie driving, antigen cloaking, brain hiding, worm wiggling, suicide inspiring, host sucking, creatures! And some TCM on how to treat them.


#27 Chinese Medical Food Cures

Tara Akuna LAc, founder of Edible Nourishment, joins the show today from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Her idea and business, meal plans based off of Chinese medical diganosis.  Menopause weighing you down?  Eat a yin deficiency/hormone nourishing cookies !!!  www.ediblenourishment.com


#26 Chinese Medicine Meets the Fashion Runway

A woman walking down a runwa wearing a dress that has all the meridians and acupuncture points on it...  Now that's FASHION!!!  Holly Renee, creator and master mind of Shenova Fashion, joins the show today about how she combined science and Chinese Medicine into her signature fashion line.


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