#22 Breast Cancer Part 2

Things you didn't learn in acupuncture school about breast cancer and how to treat it.  Chris Powell, one of the voices behind Yin Yang Podcast, goes over minute details of the pulse (Empty and Muffled) in relation to cancer that he learned from Shen and Hammer.  From there he expounds upon how to formulate herbal prescriptions with modifications from his 20 plus years of experience.

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#21 Yin Care Herbal Wash

The use of Yin Care is without a doubt effective as a topical for damp heat conditions. In this episode, Daniel Hudson LAc, describes how a chance trip to China in 1999 led him to bring a 150 million bottles sold a year company to America. He also goes over the medical research backing the product for skin, gynecology, oral, and burn conditions.

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#20 Panacea or Poison

Travis Spire-Sweet, LAc., first received acupuncture at the age of 13 for chronic kidney disease and made it another 17 years before he needed a transplant. Thanks in large part to acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Travis eventually received a kidney transplant in February of 2013 from his fiancé. Today he shares what he has found Chinese medicine can do for people with kidney disease by combining classical theory and current western research.

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