#10 Musings of a Barefoot Doctor Abroad

Katie Stone, recalls her travels in Bangkok, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia.  From "Sudden Turmoil Disorder", barefoot doctoring, shingles, and her adjustments back in America.  A wonderful and inspiring story.

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#9 Introduction to Kidney Disease and TCM

Travis, after returning from a lecture, describes some of the possibilities in treating kidney diseases with acupuncture and herbs. Examples: UB-23 to UB-15 esteem, Chai Ling Tang, Cordycepts, San Qi, Dan Shen, HIF, and TGF-Beta.

#8 Unique Functions of Common Points

Today we go over our favorite (not so much taught in school) points and functions. GB-40, LV-8, Motor Sensory Line, Xi Xin, Bare Foot Doctor Points, and GB-34 to Sp-9. We added in some banter just for ambiance.

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