#7 Herbal Pharmacy in a Hospital Setting WTF!!??

Eric Raymond Buckley joins the podcast cast today via Skype from Portland, Oregon. Eric chronicles his exposures to chinese medicine accumulating with setting up the first chinese herbal pharmacy in a hospital setting in the United States.

#6 Dry Needling to a P.T. Near You?

We go over topics from the listeners. The topics were dry needling by physical therapist and gluten intolerance, BUT we never got past Dry Needling ! This is a ever growing important topic to all acupuncturists who wish to keep their medicine out of the hands of 2 week online class goers !

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#5 Ten Key Formula Families

Michael Max (an acupuncturist, author, and medical Chinese translator) visits Yin Yang Podcast today and talks about his journey and experiences when translating the book "Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine" with Dr. Huang Huang.

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