#34 Why Moxa ?

Lorraine Wilcox, the queen of Moxa, joins the show today to discuss a very simple yet difficult topic: "Why Moxa?" Everything from the properties of mugwort, temperature spikes while it burns, differences between direct and indirect, what is the best moxa wool?, actual properties of moxa smoke, why some ancient masters of Chinese medicine used moxa instead of acupuncture, how moxa pre-dates acupuncture, and what science is discovering about the use of moxa. Lorraine Wilcox is a Chinese medical translator, author, licensed acupuncturist, and professor of Chinese medicine in Los Angeles.


#33 Formulas From The Golden Cabinet With Songs

Dr. Eran Even, from Port Moody, British Columbia, joins the show today to talk about his new book called Formulas From the Golden Cabinet with Songs. This is a translation of Chen Xiuyuan pivotal work from the 19th century discussing the Jing Gui Fang Ge Kuo volumes IV-VI.


#32 How Interviewing Acupuncturists and Scientists Change My Practice

Yin Yang Podcast has been around for 1 year now. Within that year we have interviewed Harvard acupuncture researchers, herbal manufacturers, veterinarians, fashion designers, authors, historical researchers, and so on. These interviews have changed how we view the practice of acupuncture and how we run our clinic. Here is our 1 year in review!!!


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